Exeter Yaroslavl Twinning Association
Общество Дружбы Ярославль-Эксетер
Gothic Cathedral of St. Peter, Exeter / Готический собор Святого Петра, ЭксетерEternal Flame, Yaroslavl, Russia / Вечный огонь, Ярославль, Россия Ярославль столица золотого кольца / Yaroslavl capital of the Golden Ring Exeter Quay


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Informal EYTA Gathering

03 September 2019

01 October 2019

05 November 019

First Tuesday every Month

14:00 - 16:00

Museum Café

Royal Albert Memorial Museum,

Queen Street



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Russian Language Conversation Group

16 September 2019

14:45 - 16:30


Veronika Russian member

Topic: Sayings / Поговорки

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Committee Meeting

10 October 2019

19:00 - 21:00

We welcome people who are willing to be co-opted onto our committee as additional members

Our Commmittee

Annual General Meeting

24 October 2019

19:00 - 22:00

Followed by Bring and Share Supper

St James Church Hall

Mount Pleasant Road

Exeter EX4 7AH

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Russian Xmas Fayre

21 December 2019

10:00 - 13:00


High Street



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Foreign Language Centre, Exeter House, Yaroslavl



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Exeter Yaroslavl News


Twin City Country Flags at Exeter City Council Offices

Russian flag at Exeter City Council Offices

The country flags of Exeter's twin cities are flown outside Exeter City Council's offices. Here is the Russian flag, representing the friendship link with Yaroslavl.


It would be interesting to know if any other UK councils do the same? Please let us know if you are aware of any doing so. Contact us


New Road Signs for City of Exeter

Exeter Road Sign

City of Exeter has new road signs marking the begining of the city. There are several different designs, with different logos and main pictures.


Each design features the country flags of Exeter's four twin cities; Rennes, Bad Homburg, Terracina and Yaroslavl. Flags and city names are at the foot of the signs, in alphabetical order by country. Coincidentally that is the chronological order that the twinning agreements were signed.


Exeter Road Sign

The twinning agreement with Yaroslavl was signed in 1989. Our association was formed shortly afterwards. Our main purpose was and still is to enable ordinary citizens to partipate in twinning. Our partner society in Yaroslavl, was founded around the same time as us:

Yaroslavl Exeter Friendship Society

«Общество Дружбы Ярославль - Эксетер»


If you would like information about us or our partner organisation in Yaroslavl please ask


Nataliya Goncharova's backcloth for the Production of Stravinsky's ballet "Firebird"

Nataliya Goncharova's backcloth for the Production of Stravinsky's ballet Firebird

Originally presented in 1910, Diaghilev revived it for London in 1926. He commissioned Nataliya Goncharova to design new sets and costumes. This backcloth for Scene II evokes a traditional Russian city skyline of towers and gleaming golden onion domes.


Interestingly, Stravinsky's piano teacher was Leokadiya Alexandrovna Kashperova, who was born in Lyubim, smallest town in Yarosalvl Oblast. We hope that Kashperova's symphony in b minor will be performed in both Yaroslavl and Exeter in 2021 or 2022


Enquire about our forthcoming plans


Russian Conversation Group Next meeting 12 August 14:45

Natalia Goncharova Round dance

Preparation: Either bring a picture which Veronika brought or download one by Natalia Goncharova. Alternatively something by another Russian Silver Age artist.


Be prepared to say something about it. Use some participles (verb used as an adjective) e.g. «Сидящий» / “Sitting”


Also adjective(s) used as a verb e.g. «Белеет парус одинокой» / “The lonely sail is showing white”


The exhibition which Veronika spoke about: https://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-modern/exhibition/natalia-goncharova


Looking to seeing you then for another interesting workshop. — with Veronika Maltby and Ira Starodubtseva in Exeter, Devon


Enquire about our Russian Conversation Group


Interesting Russian Coins

The grandfather of one of our members was working in Russia before the 1917 Revolution. In 1918 he returned to his home in Germany. With him he brought two interesting Russian coins.


One Rouble Coin One Rouble CoinThe first coin appears to be a silver one Rouble coin, marking 300 years of the Romanov Dynasty 1613 - 1913. The head of the coin show Tsar Nicholas II and his ancestor Michael I, the first Romanov Tsar.



One Rouble CoinOne Rouble CoinThe second coin is also a silver Rouble coin, as far as we can tell it dates from 1817.


If you are able to give us any information or thoughts about these coins please let us know


Yaroslavl - Exeter: 30 Years of International Friendship

Bob Bradshaw, our group leader in Yaroslavl this year presenting a formal letter from Mayor of Yaroslavl, Vladimir Volkov to Lord Mayor of Exeter, Councillor Peter Holland. The letter marks 30 years of friendship between Yaroslavl and Exeter. — with Robert Bradshaw and Lord Mayor of Exeter at Exeter Historic Guildhall

The twinning agreement between Yaroslavl and Exeter was agreed by the civic leaders in 1989. Our association was then formed to enable citizens to become involved in the twinning link. At the same time also our partner organisation Yaroslavl Exeter Friendship Society was set up.


In 2019 we are celebrating 30 years twinning anniversary. Leader of our 2019 group in Yaroslavl Bob Bradshaw received a letter from Vladimir Volkov, Mayor of Yaroslavl to Councillor Peter Holland Lord Mayor of Exeter, marking this important anniversary.


Bob presented the letter to the Lord Mayor at a short ceremony in Exeter Guildhall.


You can read the letter in English or по-Русски.


Report - Visit to Yaroslavl 2019

Elena Esina, Robert Bradshaw, Галина Жиганова and Sally Manning at Колесо Обозрения «Золотое кольцо» г.Ярославль

Sally Manning who was with our group in Yaroslavl 23 May - 1 June this year has written an excellent, thorough report on the visit.


Read it here


If you are interested in joining our next visit to Yaroslavl please let us know. It is never to early to express interest.


Tell us via our contact form.


Pen Friend Link with Yaroslavl Sought

Contact us / Свяжитесь с нами

Jez, one of our new members would like a pen friend in Yaroslavl.


This would be a good way to learn about each other's cities and build friendship and improve language skills


Jez is starting to learn Russian and likes all things Russian.


If you would like to be put in touch with Jez please tell us. Give us your email address, maybe a few things about yourself and we will pass those on to Jez.


Tell us via our contact form.


Presentation to Lord Mayor of Exeter

at Exeter Guildhall 29 June 11:00 am

Программа пребывания официальной делегации в день города - 2019

Bob Bradshaw, our group leader in Yaroslavl this year, will present a formal letter from Mayor of Yaroslavl, Vladimir Volkov to Lord Mayor of Exeter, Councillor Peter Holland. The letter marks 30 years of friendship between Yaroslavl and Exeter.


Event will be part of the Lord Mayor's Charity Coffee Morning on Saturday 29 June


The presentation will be at 11:00 am. We hope you will be at the presentation, stay for a photo, then have a cup of coffee, thereby support the Lord Mayor's Charity. (Lord Mayor's Charity is City in the Community)


Meanwhile you may like to read the letter sent by the Lord Mayor of Exeter and the Leader of Exeter City Council to the Mayor of Yaroslavl


Letter to Mayor of Yaroslavl in English


Письмо мэру Ярославля по-Русски

Letter to Mayor of Yaroslavl



Письмо мэру Ярославля




Yaroslavl City Day 2019

Программа пребывания официальной делегации в день города - 2019

This year our group's programme in Yaroslavl included the "City Day" festival. It is always an outstanding festive gala.


You can read the Yarolsavl City Day Programme in English or по-Русски.


We are already receiving requests from people who want to come to Russia with us in 2020. It is not too early to express interest


Tell us via our contact form.


Our Russian Conversation Group - Next 08 July 2019

Парус - Михаил_Лермонтов

We run Russian Conversation Groups each month. We are normally led by Veronika a native speaker from Russia.


People of any standard in Russian are welcome.


At our last meeting we discussed 'The Sail', a poem by Mikhail Lermontov. You can download a copy in Russian here.


We looked at various English translations. You can download a copy of the English translations here. You may like to consider whether one translation is better than the others. If you think one is please is better let us know.


For more information about our Russian conversation Group please ask.


BBC World Service - The Forum

BBC World Service programme The Forum  30 May 2019 at 09:05

BBC World Service programme "The Forum" 30 May 2019 at 09:05 UK local time is about Rasputin and will feature our members.


The producer sought authentic Russian speakers to read a report from eyewitnesses who met Rasputin. Elena Coles and Nataliya Gubina agreed to do this.


We recommend that you listen in. The programme is in English and should be interesting. You should hear either Elena and or Nataliya speaking. It will be available for 4 weeks or so afterwards. You listen on-line..


Exeter Group in Yaroslavl

Programme Outward Visit to Yaroslavl 23 May - 01 June 2019

Our members are in Yaroslavl 23 May to 1 June 2019


They are staying in private homes, with Russian hosts.

A varied an interesting programme has been prepared for them. If you would like to see what they are doing you can download a copy of their programme.


If you would like to join us for our next visit, please tell us


Lord Mayor of Exeter Commendation

Lord Mayor of Exeter Commendation

We have received a Commendation from the Lord Mayor of Exeter.


It was presented at the Guildhall to us for promoting good civic relations and internationalism.


Peter Barker, Marilyn Pegg and Rita Watson attended the presentation ceremony and received the commendation on behalf of all members of our association. Congratulations to you all.


Radio Devon Programme with Our Russian Guests:

On-line Recording Available

Russian Guests at Radio Devon

Even if you were unable to listen to our Russian guests chatting to Michael Chequer on Radio Devon on 08 May you can still hear it on-line via the BBC website.


Will be available for 4 weeks.


Listen to on-line recording of the programme


Russian Language Tutor Sought - North Devon

Barnstaple Bridge, North Devon


We would like to hear from anyone who can provide Russian Language tuition in North Devon. Particularly Barnstaple or surrounding area.


We have a member who would be interested. Please let us know and we will put you in touch with them

Contact us about Russian tuition