Exeter Yaroslavl Twinning Association
Общество Дружбы Ярославль-Эксетер




on holding the XXV Creative Contests Yaroslavl – Exeter Friendship Society competition


"The History of Yaroslavl: How have the people and city of Yaroslavl contributed to the wider history of Russia?"


For 25 years Exeter’s twin city in Russia, Yarosla>vl, has been hosting an English language essay competition for students. For the second year they are opening the competition to students and young people in Exeter and Devon. This is an exciting opportunity for students to connect with people from another society and culture. It is also an excellent chance to build your research skills and have your work assessed by a panel of teachers in Russia. All participants will be awarded a diploma by the city authorities in Russia, and the very best projects will receive prizes. There are two classes: Entries written in the Russian language and entries written in English. If you have any questions about the contest please email: victoriafurtado@exe-coll.ac.uk



The competition is organized by the Yaroslavl City Public Organization "Yaroslavl-Exeter Friendship Society" and "Exeter-Yaroslavl Twinning Association “. The Organizing Committee (Chairperson T.A. Smirnova) are responsible for holding the contest.



January - April 20, 2022. Results are announced in May 2022.



  1. Pupils of secondary and high schools, gymnasiums, lyceums and students of colleges of Yaroslavl and the Yaroslavl Region, as well as students from Exeter and the County of Devon are invited to participate.


  2. Entries may be submitted in the English language class or the Russian language class


  3. The participants MUST submit an application to writingenglish@mail.ru by April 1, 2022, marked "Creative Competition"

    The application must include


    - surname, first name of the participant,

    - date of birth

    - e-mail address

    - name of school/college/university

    - form of creative work you have chosen

    - first name and surname of the supervising teacher


  4. In the competitive work, it is necessary to write about the most interesting and significant historical, cultural and sporting events from Yaroslavl including events in the field of art, discoveries in the field of science made by its inhabitants. The work may include a description of events from the materials of the family archives and the memoirs of individuals. It is advisable to reflect your own judgments, impressions, analyze and compare.


  5. The following forms of creative work are suggested:


    - essay or composition.

    - project work of social, informational, creative, and research;


  6. Evaluation criteria:


    - relevance to the theme;

    - solution of communicative problem;

    - presence of introduction, the main part, conclusion;

    - originality and creative approach to the content and design;

    - the implementation of the objectives and tasks of the project work,

    - when creating a video or computer presentation an accompanying text is necessary;


  7. Requirements for the printed version of the work


    - not more than 5 pages of the typed text (A4 format, Times New Roman, font 12, interval 1,5).


  8. The work must be written in English.


    Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery, Yaroslavl
  9. A list of references must be attached to the work.


  10. All expenses for papers’ design are to be covered by the participants.


  11. Project works will be accepted in electronic form by April 1, 2022 (writingenglish@mail.ru)


    All participants will get diplomas. The best works will be awarded with diplomas and prizes.


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