Exeter Yaroslavl Twinning Association
Общество Дружбы Ярославль-Эксетер


Upcoming Events


UK and RF Twin Cities On-Line Meeting

30 April 2021

17:00 - 18:30

Including address by Lord Mayor of Exeter and a talk by R.A.Museum, Exeter

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Russian Language Conversation Group

17 May 2021

14:30 - 16:00



Nataliya: Russian member

Discussion Topic:

My School Days

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Exeter - Yaroslavl On-Line Social Meeting

25 May 2021

17:00 - 18:30

Discussion and cultural activities from Exeter and Yaroslavl

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Monthly Meet Up

01 June 2021

14:00 - 16:00

Museum Cafe, Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter

Committee Meeting

03 June 2021

19:00 - 21:00

On-line Meeting

We welcome people who are willing to be co-opted onto our committee as additional members

Our Committee

Annual General Meeting

October 2021

Annual Event each October

Venue and format will depend on situation at the time

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Russian Xmas Fayre

18 December 2021

10:00 - 13:00

St Stephen's Church

High Street



Yaroslavl Group Visit Exeter

Cancelled for 2020:


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Exeter Yaroslavl News

Resumption of Meet-Up in RAM Museum from 1 June 2021

Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Queen Street, Exeter

Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Queen Street, Exeter re-opens on 18 May 2021. The museum cafe will also open, probably using the central / well area. We can therefore resume our regular meet-ups in the cafe, first Tuesday, each month from 14:00 p.m starting 1 June 2021.


Subsequent meetings 6 Jul, 3 Aug, 7 Sept, 5 Oct, 2 Nov, 7 Dec


These plans will depend on the Covid situation, but we are optimistic about meeting you again in June at the Museum. Any change to these plans we post on this website.


If you would like further information please contact us


UK and RF Twin Cities on-line Meeting 30 May 2021

Lord Mayor of Exeter, Councillor Peter Holland addresses our meeting

Our next UK and RF Twin Cities on-line meeting will be on 30 May, starting at 17:00 London 19:00 Moscow. Zoom.


Topic will be "Ecological movements at our towns and cities". We would like a volunteer to give a short, non-political talk on behalf of Exeter on this topic. Please let us know if you are willing. The audience will be people from UK and Russian twin cities. Usually cities participating include Yaroslavl - Exeter, Sochi - Cheltenham, Vladimir - Canterbury, Kostroma - Durham, Novorossiysk - Plymouth, Coventry Volgograd and others


Topics in succeeding weeks:

30 June: Our local Nature Reserves

30 July: Our local festivals, music life, theatres

30 August: Our gastronomy and food

30 September: Our architecture

30 October: The Twin Cities Award in Volgograd

30 November: The Uk and RF twin Cities Forum

30 December: The Year Review

If you are willing to talk on any of these topics please let us know.


For those people who simply want to attend these interesting meetings we send the link out to our members. If you are not on our list please ask for information


UK and RF Twin Cities Foundation - Honorary Presidents

Honorary Presidents, UK Twin Town and Sister Cities Foundation

Our congratulations to those honoured by the UK Twin Town and Sister Cities Foundation.


Three people have been made Honorary Presidents:

Vicky Davis, Canterbury

Peter Barker, Exeter

Martin Kimber, Cheltenham

Peter is an EYTA committee member


The Foundation holds on line meetings on the 30th of each month and works with the 23 UK cities which have a twin / sister city in Russia and vice-versa of course.


The foundation plans to hold more actual meetings after lockdown ends, in various parts of the UK and Russia. That is something to look forward to.


To participate in the UK Twin Town and Sister Cities events please contact us


Russian Conversation Group 17 May 2021

School Number 4 Yaroslavl, End of Term

Next Russian Conversation Group Meeting:

17 May 14:30,

Leader: Nataliya


Topic: School Days


Be prepared to answer questions from other group members or pose questions yourself.


We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.


Invitation has gone out to our regular participants. If you would like to find out more please contact us


Normally these meetings will be on 3rd Monday each month:

17 May, 21 June, 19 Jul, 16 Aug, 20 Sept, 18 Oct, 15 Nov, 20 Dec 2021


Exeter - Yaroslavl On-line Social Meeting: 25 May 2021

Next Exeter - Yaroslavl On-line Social Meeting will be 17:00 pm UK time 25 May 2021

Rita Chistyakova talking to us about the Yaroslavl Art Museum Governor's House


If you would like any particular topic discussed please tell us. We will make sure it is covered in discussion. Otherwise turn up on the day and raise anything you wish.


These meetings are the fourth Tuesday of each month. We will be using the same Zoom invitation for each meeting this year.


Planned 2021 dates Tuesdays 25 May, 22 Jun, 27 Jul, 24 Aug, 28 Sep, 26 Oct, 23 Nov, 28 Dec


Reminders will be going out to members. If you have not received your's, or are a non-member who would like to join in please get in touch.


Helena Harrold

Helena Harrold with the helpers at our Russian Xmas Fayre in Exeter Guildhall

We were sorry to learn that Helena Harrold has died. A former teacher of Russian she was a member for many years. She was so amazing, sharp mind and very kind! She knew several languages and her Russian was virtually perfect! She taught in London and first time she went to Russia with a group of engineers as an interpreter. She participated fully in the work of our associations, including the role of a golden fish in one of our Russian plays. She was a good singer and dancer.


A private funeral service will take place in St Peter's Chapel, Exeter and Devon Crematorium on 31st March. Donations in her memory are welcome for the RNLI and may be sent to ISCA Funerals, Constable Court, Fore Street, Exeter EX1 2QJ or on-line here.


Положение о конкурсеконкурс творческих работ

Положение о конкурсе«Общество Дружбы Ярославль-Эксетер» и «Ассоциации городов-побратимов Эксетер-Ярославль» (Exeter-Yaroslavl Twinning Association) приглашает к участию в конкурсе творческих работ учащихся средних школ, колледжей, ВУЗов г. Ярославля и Ярославской области. Тема «Какую из прочитанных книг ты назвал бы самой интересной» «The most interesting book I have ever read»


Все участники будут награждены дипломом властей России, а самые лучшие проекты получат призы.


Для участия надо зарегистрироваться на сайте до 1 апреля и отправить завершённый проект до 20 апреля.


В этом году впервые к участию будут приглашены студенты из г. Эксетер и графства Девон.


Мы желаем всем участникам удачи!


Подробная информация здесь


Положение о конкурсеCreative Work Competition

Further information

For 24 years Exeter’s twin city in Russia, Yaroslavl, has been hosting an English language essay competition for students. For the first time this year they are opening the competition to students and young people in Exeter and Devon. This is an exciting opportunity for students to connect with people from another society and culture. It is also an excellent chance to build your research skills and have your work assessed by a panel of teachers in Russia. All participants will be awarded a diploma by the authorities in Russia, and the very best projects will receive prizes.


You need to register interest by 1 April and submit your project by 20 April.


Good luck to all entrants


Full details here


Frosty Morning in Yaroslavl

Yaroslavl Railway Bridge across the Volga.Olga Chistyakova has sent us excellent pictures that she took on an interesting excursion on a frosty winter morning in Yaroslavl on 23 February 2021.


She was about in city from 8-30 to 11-30 in the morning while the temperature was 33 degrees below zero.


They show a true Russian winter, with beautiful blue skies, yet snow piled high.


Olga's presentation


Alan Huxley

Alan Huxley and Celia Villa-LandaMembers of EYTA who knew Alan Huxley, who founded, and was the first Secretary of EYTA, will be sorry to hear that he died earlier this month. He was 88 and spent a large part of his life promoting friendship and understanding between the UK and Russia.


He had a keen interest in the Soviet Union as it then was from the 1960s onwards, when he went to work there for two years and it was this interest that led him to help set up and then lead EYTA.


Celia tells us that there will be a memorial gathering for Alan in Exeter when we are allowed to congregate and hopes to see some old and new members of EYTA there.


Nicholas Boggis-Rolfe

Nicholas Boggis-Rolfe.  Photo taken whilst he was meeting Russian military veterans.We are very sorry to report that Nicholas Boggis-Rolfe died in hospital on 20 December 2020. A private cremation was held on 7 January


Nicholas was a great stalwart of twinning, having been a member of Plymouth - Novorossiysk twinning and then Exeter Yaroslal Twinning Association. He will be missed by his wife Caroline and family as well as many friends in Exeter and Yaroslavl. Our thoughts are with them.


A memorial service in the Guards Chapel near Buckingham Palace is being planned for 9 July.


Season's Greetings from RAMM 

Season's Greetings from RAMM, with painting of collector examining vase

Royal Albert Memorial Museum Exeter have sent us a message, wishing all of their visitors and supporters happiness over the festive season and into 2021.


In normal times we hold an afternoon get-together the RAMM Cafe, first Tuesday of each month.


When we can we will resume our get-togethers


You can read about visiting the museum in English or на русском языке


Russian version was produced with the help of our member Elena Coles


Merry Christmas from Yaroslavl

Photo of Yaroslavl with Christmas Decorations and Snow

Viacheslav Gavrilov, Deputy Mayor of Yaroslavl, sends his best wishes to you and all the members of the Association on the threshold of Christmas.


Please find attached the New Year card with a New Year look of Yaroslavl.


All the best for next year!



Alexandra Karachevtseva - Congratulations

Alexandra Karachevtseva

Congratulations to Alexandra Karachevtseva, another of our competition prize-winners. She is from Form 9, School Number 4, Yaroslavl. Alexandra's project focusses on how the children of School Number 4 learn about World War 2 and commemorate it.


Our competion for young people is run annually in conjunction with our partner organisation "Yaroslavl Exeter Friendship Society". This year's challenge was to complete an English language project on the topic "Remember the Glorious Deeds", a theme based on the Great Patriotic War / World War I2. Alexandra's project is here


Elizaveta Agafonova - Congratulations

Elizaveta Agafonova and link to her article

Congratulations to Elizaveta Agafonova, another of our competition prize-winners. She is from Form 9, School Number 4, Yaroslavl. Her teacher is O. Yu. Zabelina. Elizaveta prepared a project on the war memorials of Yaroslavl and their influence on young people.


Our competion for young people is run annually in conjunction with our partner organisation "Yaroslavl Exeter Friendship Society". This year's challenge was to complete an English language project on the topic "Remember the Glorious Deeds", a theme based on the Great Patriotic War. You can read Elizaveta's well written and illustrated project here


We will feature another prize-winner shortly


Children of Orphanage "Solinechniy" - Congratulations

Military Veteran meets young people and link to their article

Congratulations to children of Orphanage "Solinechniy" - more winners in our annual competition we hold in conjunction with Yaroslavl Exeter Friendship Society. Amongst participants in the winning team were Ruslan Aleskerov, Egor Ganchev, Alena Pushnyakova, Carolina Fomina, under the guidance of teacher Irina Berestova and orphanage Director Elena Kuznetsova.


The competition was to complete an English language project on the topic "Remember the Glorious Deeds", a theme based on the Great Patriotic War. You can read about their excellent project and see their photographs here


We will feature another prize-winner shortly


Iliya Sedov: Congratulations.

Iliya Sedov and Link to his articleAlexander Vasilyevich Sedov and link to article

Our congratulations to Iliya Sedov another winner in the our annual competition we hold in conjunction with Yaroslavl Exeter Friendship Society. Iliya is a student at Yaroslavl College of Industry and Economy


The competition was to complete an English language project on the topic "Remember the Glorious Deeds", a theme based on the Great Patriotic War. Iliya wrote about his grandfather Alexander Vasilyevich Sedov, who served in the Red Army during the war, at the Stalingrad and other Fronts. His grandfather was seriously wounded, lost a leg but wrote poetry whilst in hospital, which Iliya has included. This excellent and moving project is here


We will feature another prize-winner and their work shortly


Christmas message from Lord Mayor of Exeter

Lord Mayor of Exeter's Xmas Card

We have received a Christmas message from The Right Worshipful The Lord Mayor of Exeter Councillor Peter Holland:


"Sending my very best wishes for happiness, peace and good health now, and in the New Year".


The Lord Mayor of Exeter's Charity 2019 - 2021 is City Community Trust.


It is Exeter's Health and well-being charity. It works in partnership with Exeter City Football Club and provides a range of activities to people of all ages, focussed on health, well-being, education and physical activity.


Kirill Zhukov: Congratulations.

Kirill Zhukov and link to his article

Our congratulations to Kirill Zhukov, another winner in the our annual competition we hold in annually in conjunction with Yaroslavl Exeter Friendship Society. Kirill is from 10th Grade at Rybinsk, Yaroslavl Oblast.


His English language competition project on the topic "Remember the Glorious Deeds", a theme based on the Great Patriotic War. He wrote about "Children of the Soviet Union in World War II". Kyrill's project was well-written and researched. It is interesting to read, even eye-opening to those of us not familiar with the lives of Russian people during the war.


You can read it here


We will feature more prize-winners and their work in the next few weeks


Dmitrii Gulnev: Congratulations.

Dmitrii Gulnev and link to his article

Our congratulations to Dimitrii Gulnev, the overall winner in the competition we hold annually in conjunction with Yaroslavl Exeter Friendship Society. He is from School Number 4 Yaroslavl, his teacher Zabelina O.Y. We regret that due to Covid we did not have a representative to Yaroslavl to present the competition prizes.


The competition challenge was to prepare an English language project about "Remember the Glorious Deeds", a theme based on the Great Patriotic War / World War II. The standard of entries was as always very high, but Dimitrii wrote an excellent most interesting project. You can read it here


We will feature more prize-winners and their work in the next few weeks


AGM 15 October 2020 - Draft Minutes

AGM Minutes 15 October 2020

This year we held our Annual General Meeting on line. The draft minutes are now available for members perusal.


Please note: they are a draft and will not be approved until our next Annnual General Meeting in October 2021. If you notice any errors, omissions or have a question please get in touch.



Competition Results 2020

Competition prizes and certificates

Our partner organisation "Yaroslavl-Exeter Friendship Society" has decided the results of the 13th competition of creative work in English work, which is held annually for schoolchildren and students of colleges in the city and region. Our association has always supported this competition.


Congratulations to the winners and all participants in the competition. The results are here


Результаты конкурса 2020

Призы и сертификаты конкурса Наша партнерская организация «Общество дружбы Ярославль – Эксетер» подвела итоги XXIII конкурса творческих работ на английском языке, который проводится ежегодно для школьников и студентов колледжей города и области. Наша ассоциация всегда поддерживала эти конкурсы.


Поздравляем победителей и всех участников конкурса! Результаты здесь


History of relations between Yaroslavl and Exeter

Svetlana ShishkovaGalina Evstifeeva

Yaroslavl and Exeter have been twinned for over 30 years. Svetlana Shishkova and Galina Evstifeeva were English language teachers at School Number 4, Yaroslavl when the link was first established. They have kindly written an article in which they share their memories of that time, in particular the visit of Exeter Children’s Orchestra to Yaroslavl and Yaroslavl children's folk instruments orchestra and dancing group 'Elling' to Exeter.


You can read their most interesting article in Russian here or in English here.


История взаимоотношений Ярославля и Эксетера

Svetlana ShishkovaGalina Evstifeeva Ярославль и Эксетер-- города-побратимы уже более 30 лет. Светлана Шишкова и Галина Евстифеева преподавали английский язык в средней школе №4 г. Ярославля , когда первые контакты были установлены . Они с удовольствием написали статью, в которой делятся своими воспоминаниями о том времени и, особенно, о визите Детского Оркестра г.Эксетер в Ярославль и Детского оркестра русских народных инструментов и танцевального коллектива из Ярославля « Эллинг» в Эксетер.


Вы можете прочитать их очень интересную статью (интересный рассказ) на русском здесь и на английском   здесь


Russian Xmas Fayre 18 December 2021

St Stephen's Church, Exeter

We have cancelled our 2020 Russian Xmas Fayre. Although disappointing you will understand that this is because of the Covid pandemic. However, we are pleased to say that we have moved the booking to 18 December 2021, also at St Stephen's Church in Exeter High Street


It's never too early to be thinking about the Fayre. We will need :

Home produce goods, such as jams, chutneys, jellies, marmalade, cakes, biscuits, preserves etc. Hand-made Christmas decorations or Christmas craft materials (ribbon, paper, fabric etc.)

Unwanted jewellery of any sort

Russian goods

Books and Bric-a-brac


If you have any such items or want to get involved in the Fayre please contact us