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Exeter Yaroslavl Twinning Association
Group from Exeter — with Rita Watson, Natasha Solovyeva and Robert Bradshaw at Советская Площадь, Г. Ярославль 2017ExeterYaroslavl_1569_43_VersionExeter CollegeYaroslavl guests meet Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue — with Ludmilla Korbut and Nina Chernushkina at Danes Castle Fire Station


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Yaroslavl Exeter Friendship Society

About Us

In 1989 the official Twinning Charter was signed by the Mayors of Yaroslavl and Exeter and was set up. The partner organization in England - Exeter Yaroslavl Twinning Association - was formed two years before, in 1987.

The twinning Societies in Yaroslavl and Exeter are voluntary organizations, which pursue the common aim - to force links of all kinds between the two cities, to promote mutual understanding, friendship and trust.

YEFS involves people of Yaroslavl and the Yaroslavl Region from all walks of life - teachers, doctors, students, architects, engineers, artists, musicians, library workers, businessmen, schoolchildren and many others.

The activities of the YEFS are various and include annual exchange groups, cultural events aimed at spreading knowledge about British and Russian culture and way of life, individual projects and programmes, Yaroslavl - Exeter joint charity work in the welfare sphere.

Groups from Exeter are hosted by the families and take part in cultural programmes including excursions, visiting museums and theatres, picnics, informal parties, trips to various towns in the Yaroslavl Region.

Yaroslavl visitors enjoy their time in Exeter as they are given an opporhrnity to see as much of Devon as possible and immerse in the English language and culture.

Schoolchildren of Yaroslavl are actively involved in the contests of creative projects and interschool competitions.

Events File


Exeter House is opened after reconstruction made by a group of architects from Exeter at 39, Nekrasov Street


Exeter Days in Yaroslavl are dedicated to the tenth anniversary of establishing partnership relations between the two cities


A male choir from Exeter is hosted by the Society and gives charity concerts.

Sasha Mamontov, a resident of the Norsky Home in Yaroslavl spends a few days attending St Loyes College, Exeter - a special school for disabled people


Exeter Cathedral Choir visits Yaroslavl as part of their tour in Russia


A group of eleven teenagers with their two teachers come to Yaroslavl to render voluntary work for a hospice unit in Dievo Gorodishe


The Charter of the Yarosalvl Exeter Friendship Society is adopted


Sasha Mamontov spends 10 weeks at St Loyes College attending classes in computer maintenance, office administration, fund raising, accounting, word processing, woodwork and metal work.

Exeter's Festival of Comedy is held on October 10-14. Limerick Party is organized by the Society for schoolchildren from several Yaroslavl schools


EYTA puts on a successful exhibition of painting by Yaroslavl artists called'The Spirit of Russia'


BBC radio presenter Michael Chequer experiences life in Yaroslavl, taking part in the annual twinning trip. For three days, the breakfast programme is broadcast from Russia as Michael finds out exactly what the two cities have in common.

In August Michael Chequer's programme about the role of twinning for people of the two cities comes out on BBC Radio Devon


The 10th contest of schoolchildren's creative work 'The Letter to Queen Elizabeth II. The Letter to President Putin" was a great success. On Nicholas Goodwin's initiative the letters were sent to the Queen and a reply from Buckingham Palace was received.


Yaroslavl -Exeter Friendship Society> is 20 years old.


Exeter Children's Orchestra (Conductor Richard Bower) comes to Yaroslavl to give concerts dedicated to the city's Millenium.


"DANCE-CAPELLA" and "Yaroslavichili", the city's children's orchestra of accordionists of Yaroslavl Art School Nl I give their performances and master-classes in Exeter and Exmouth.


The Orchestra of Folk Instruments of Children's Art School named after Sobinov (Director Pavel Sergeev) visits Exeter and gives its concerts there.


International Russsian -British Conference dedicated to the 25th birthday of is held in Yaroslavl.

Photo exhibition opens in Exeter House (Photographer Irina Efimova, teacher of English, Tutaev School Nl 6)

The Orchestra of Children's Art School named after Sobinov (Director Pavel Sergeev) gives performances and participates in Lammas Fair Procession in Exeter.


A group of teachers form Devon give workshops for teachers and pupils in Yaroslavl, Tutaev and Gavrilov Yam.

Yaroslavl Exeter Art Festival, photo exhibition < and poetry contest are organized by the "Friendship Society" during the Year of Friendship announced by - the Yaroslavl Mayor's Office.


If you are interested in British culture, if you are eager to learn more about your own country, if you have something to contribute to the development of people's diplomacy, you are welcome to join the Yaroslavl Exeter Friendship Society.


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