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Photo Exhibition

One of the most successful  events organized by  the Yaroslavl Exeter Friendship Society in 2016 was the Yaroslavl Exeter Art Festival within the framework of Year of Friendship 2016 announced by the Mayor’s Office. It comprised a poetry contest, a photo exhibition and a big concert  performed by those who enjoy English and are eager to share their talents and art skills with everyone.

The exhibition of pictures entitled ‘Devon in Summer: People and Places’ taken by Irina Efimova, a YEFS member, teacher of English in Tutaev School № 6 turned out to be the longest running event among those mentioned above. The exhibition was opened at Exeter House on September 6 during the visit of the official delegation of Exeter City Council and the Exeter Yaroslavl Twinning Association. It is the second time when Irina has presented her photos of Devon to the public and it has already become a tradition that her pictures are exhibited in different schools of Yaroslavl and the Yaroslavl Region.


Photo ExhibitionAt the moment the exhibition is on display in Yaroslavl School № 3. It is placed on the ground floor and can be seen not only by the pupils but also by their parents and grandparents, teachers and guests of the school. Owing to Irina’s talent for photography England has come to School №3 since the pictures give an opportunity to see the country and feel its spirit without crossing any borders. The exhibition proves how much the guests from Yaroslavl can observe during their relatively short stay in Great Britain and how amazing it is to have friends who help you to learn more about the world and to enrich your intercultural experience.


Margaret Zakharova, who teaches English at School № 3  and is a member  of the YEFS, has a lot of interesting ideas how to use the photos of Devon at her lessons and in extra-curricular work. Her senior pupils prepared a talk about Devon and Exeter and its friendly links  with our home town and delivered it to their schoolmates of Form 9 and 10. The pictures were also used to prepare for a speaking task of the national exam in English. The teacher also used the shots as a source  for various vocabulary activities  while working with junior pupils.


To sum up, the exhibition helps to enrich the teacher’s work with new creative ideas, mould the pupils’ moral values and maintain the development of friendly relations between the two cities and their people.


Irina Alexandrovna Peneva


Yaroslavl - Exeter Friendship Society