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Carrying on building bridges of friendship between the twin cities of Yaroslavl and Exeter


On 15 October 2018 there was a meeting in Yaroslavl of members of the Yaroslavl—Exeter Friendship Society (YEFS).


On the agenda of the traditional meeting was an annual report on the work of the Society. This year a new initiative from the Exeter—Yaroslavl Twinning Association in the UK was a competition to make the best Easter egg. The Friendship Society in Yaroslavl organised a traditional competition for the best creative project “Friendship Makes Miracles”. In 2018 there was also a successful exchange of delegations. The YEFS members who took part in the exchange shared their impressions of their stay in Exeter and about the wonderful programme organised by our English friends for the visitors from Yaroslavl.


Together with two members of EYTA, one of the members of YEFS group, a representative of the Russian patients’ society Osteorus, managed to visit the headquarters of the National Osteoporosis Society (NOS). Both organisations are members of the International Osteoporosis Fund (IOF) and carry out educational work on osteoporosis and its prevention, marking the annual World Osteoporosis Day on 20 October. The meeting of Society members from the two countries was warm and productive. We learnt many interesting things about the work of volunteers who help seriously ill patients with osteoporosis, and about the enormous experience of development of charitable work in English society.


In the summary session at the YEFS meeting there was a discussion about osteoporosis and its prevention and about the experience of the British NOS, and also about the worldwide IOF Charter for patients with osteoporosis. The YEFS members gave their support to the Charter, and on 19 October had visited the regional Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis Diagnosis and Cure Centre of the Solov’ev Hospital on their open-doors day. There they underwent densitometer investigations, had a consultation with a doctor and were given information material, heard a talk from the Director of the Centre on the diagnosis and prevention of the illness, and took part in a master class on Scandinavian walking and in a tasting of milk products.


Osteorus is extending the sphere of contacts with foreign and Russian colleagues and volunteers. YEFS members now know how osteoporosis can be prevented by a balanced diet of products rich in calcium, by taking up a physically active lifestyle, and by getting enough vitamin D for bones to maintain their strength.


On behalf of the Yaroslavl—Exeter Friendship Society I would like to express my sincere thanks to all our friends in Exeter, and also to Henry Mace, Head of Professional Development, National Osteoporosis Society, Camerton, Bath, Great Britain and his colleagues, who gave us a warm reception.


Galina Evstifeeva


Translated by John Shepherd