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Russian guests visit Plymouth — with Нина Иванова, Elena Shtanova, Natasha Solovyeva, Юлия Самсоненко and Peter Barker at Smeaton's Tower Russian Guest with Dartmoor Pony — with Natasha Solovyeva at Haytor (Dartmoor) Спасский Монастырь, Ярославль / Spassky (St Saviour) Monastery, Yaroslavl, Central Russia Kremlin, Rostov / Ростовский Кремль



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Official Report on the 2015 Visit of Yaroslavl Friendship Society Members to Exeter

Outline of the programme of activities of the Yaroslavl – Exeter Friendship Society 13 – 22 June 2015, forming the annual visit of a Yaroslavl delegation to the twin city of Exeter (Great Britain):


Traditionally guests stay in the families of members of the association in Exeter, which helps to absorb the culture and language of another country.


Official welcome by the Lord Mayor of the City of Exeter, Owen Foggin / Официальный приём в Ратуше Лорд-мэром г. Эксетер Олвэн Фоггин

On the first day the official welcome by the Lord Mayor of the City of Exeter, Owen Foggin,took place in the Guildhall. She was presented with a letter of greetings from the first Deputy Mayor of the City of Yaroslavl as a mark of the long established and fruitful cooperation between the cities.


Another significant event was the participation of two group members, live-on air in the BBC radio programme «Good Morning, Devon," during which the guests talked about the activities of the Friendship Society.


Russian Guests at BBC Radio Devon / Русские гости на ББС Радио Девон

The host society had prepared a varied and rich program, including visits to places which introduced the guests to the traditions and customs of Great Britain and revealed the culture of the country most fully. The guests visited the traditional festival “Lammas Fair”, held a workshop with Exeter teachers and were shown the work of local airline Flybe and the waste-processing plant. Besides these, the Yaroslavl delegation visited sights and museums at nearby towns in the county - Shaldon, Teignmouth and Tiverton.


I especially remember the trip to London, to which none of the participants was indifferent. To look with one’s own eyes at one of the most beautiful cities of the world, walking through famous streets and parks up to Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, to see the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, and just feel the English atmosphere - all this was the perfect complement to the program


Tamara Smirnova

Group Leader


Peter Barker

Translator from the original Russian


This report originally appeared 04.08.2015 on Official Portal of the City of Yaroslavl