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Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader 


Picture slogan - Today a Reader, Tomorrow a LeaderA list of 66 new cities with the status of creative cities recognized by UNESCO was compiled at the end of October. 11 of these cities received the status of the city of literature. One of them is the twin-city of Yaroslavl-Exeter (United Kingdom).

For this reason on the 14th of December the teachers of English who are the members of the Yaroslavl Exeter Friendship Society held an interschool interactive game "Today a reader, tomorrow a leader". We talked about English literature. 5 girls from the 6th forms of our school have participated in this game. I was one of them. The interactive game took place in Tutaev Secondary School No 6. Yaroslavl Schools 3, 4 and 36 and Gavrilov Yam School 6 participated in it.


Young people participating in interschool interactive gameAt the beginning of the quiz each school team delivered a talk about one of the most famous English writers. We spoke about Lewis Carroll - the author of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through The Looking Glass". After that all the pupils were divided into 4 teams. In each team there were pupils from different schools. I found myself in the team "Treasure Island". The first task was to agree or disagree with statement about the authors and their creative work the pupils had presented. Young people participating in interschool interactive gameThe second task was to find the beginning and the end of quotes about books and reading and their role in our life. We also had to do the crossword puzzle (it was not very difficult as soon as you guessed the key word – LITERATURE). Our team didn't make any mistakes! One of the most unusual tasks was to guess a story by a thing from a magic box. For example, if it was an umbrella, we were to say "Mary Poppins by Pamela Travers".


Young people participating in interschool interactive game I think the most interesting task was to write a story. Each pupil from the team had to write an answer to a question. After that the pupil had to fold the paper. The other pupil had to write an answer to the other question. The pupil didn't know the other pupil’s answer. When the story was ready we were to read it aloud. Ours was a very funny story indeed! The result of the game was great: our team "Treasure Island" had 30 points and we were the winners!


Young people at the end of the interschool interactive gameAt the end of the game there was a little surprise from the pupils of our school - Yaroslavl Secondary School No 4, we sang a song "Everything at once". Everybody sang along! It was very pleasant!


The Christmas Lottery followed. Everybody got a souvenir. I got a notebook. After that we had tea and the went to the Museum of Romanov Sheep. We got to know a lot about the Romanov sheep and how people took care of them many years ago. The excursion was very interesting!


We pupils of five schools spent only a few hours together but I have made a lot of new friends! I also learnt something new about Tutaev. I'll never forget this day!


Karachevtseva Aleksandra