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Russian guests visit Plymouth — with Нина Иванова, Elena Shtanova, Natasha Solovyeva, Юлия Самсоненко and Peter Barker at Smeaton's Tower Russian Guest with Dartmoor Pony — with Natasha Solovyeva at Haytor (Dartmoor) Спасский Монастырь, Ярославль / Spassky (St Saviour) Monastery, Yaroslavl, Central Russia Kremlin, Rostov / Ростовский Кремль



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YEFS visit to Exeter in May 2017


An annual visit of Yaroslavl exchange group took place from 1st to 10th of May 2017.


There were only 4 people in the group this year: Galina Zhiganova, Liudmila Ditmar, Elena Esina (it was her first visit to the UK) and Marina Kofanova.


All the members of the group agreed that the programme was very well balanced. We had both official receptions and informal meetings as well as enough free time to see our friends, wander around the city and do some shopping.


Europe Day, Exeter. Guests from Yaroslavl, Russia meet LordMayor Exeter and Aldermen of the City — with Marina Kofanova, Elena Esina, людмила дитмар and Галина Жиганова at Exeter Guildhall

It was interesting new experience for us all to be part of Europe Day and see the official flag-raising at the Guildhall.


In spite of the somewhat chilly weather, we all enjoyed our trips to Teignmouth and Shaldon and an extremely warm and friendly reception at St. Michael“s Church.


Seaton-Colyton tram ride with its picturesque views and diverse wildlife turned out to be a bit of a challenge, but nevertheless an exciting experience. Topsham, although not exactly on the programme, was nice and relaxing.


Even though not all the members of our small group were teachers, we all loved our visit to Exeter School (special thanks to Alison Southcott for organising it and a lovely lunch at her flat) and a tour of Exeter College with Larisa Seward. It was very interesting and informative.


Both welcome and farewell parties were a great success as we had an opportunity to communicate with our old friends as well as meet new people. The highlight of the visit was the performance Kolobok! What sincere enthusiasm of all the actors! And such a wonderful grasp of the Russian language!(one could at once feel the professional hand of Elena Coles) Well done everyone!


Dinner in London — with Галина Жиганова, Elena Esina, людмила дитмар, Marina Kofanova and Peter Barker at Sicily Restaurant

We greatly appreciate the fact that so many members of the EYTA, put a lot of effort to make our visit so exciting and overall successful. Our hosts ( Claire Meiklejohn, Bob Bradshaw, Mara Attwater, Rita Watson,Patricia Hudson, Peter and Jan Barker) made us feel welcome in their homes with their fantastic hospitality. And we are extremely grateful to everyone involved in organising the events on the programme, both the committee with their leader Peter Barker and all the members of the Association who came to welcome us during our stay.


And last but not least, we would like to express our special thanks to Nicolas Boggis-Rolfe who was very kind to show us around London. We were happy to have a fabulous walk in St James“ park and had a wonderful time in the National Gallery.


With all the very best wishes to our friends and hoping to return your hospitality in Yaroslavl


Galina, Liudmila, Elena and Marina